Goodbye Daisy is a unique book, online resource and training course....


It's primarily aimed at children with learning disabilities and young children who do not have the vocabulary to express their feelings of grief and loss when a friend or loved one dies.

The book is in three parts;


a beautifully illustrated social story about Daisy and her friend Elsie. It deals with Elsie's feelings when she learns that Daisy has died and she will never see her again. Parents, carers and teachers can use the story to help children articulate the emotions they feel around grief and loss.

There is also a section for parents based on the author's own experiences of supporting Daisy through the loss of her father then a year later supporting Daisy's friends.

The last section is information and advice for professionals who are supporting children and families when a child dies within their community. Children in special schools are statistically more likely to experience the loss of a friend and having plans in place to support the school community is vital

This is a holding site for the website that will accompany the book. The new website will be launched at the end of January 2019 and will be a resource that parents, carers and professionals can refer to for support, advice and guidance when a child dies or to build a school bereavement plan.

We will also be launching a half day training course for schools in the spring based on Goodbye Daisy. Please contact us for more information and to register your interest.